Understand Our Firm

For over 150 years, our firm has helped clients identify, protect, and leverage their innovations.

We are proud of our long tradition of providing world-class service to our clients, many of whom we have successfully represented for decades. That tradition continues in our entrepreneurial culture and client-centric values, which underlie the client service that differentiates us from our competition.

We invite you to review our history, culture, and difference from the competition, and to explore our latest news and see what some of our attorneys have to say about various IP topics.

Key Facts

Long history and extensive experience

  • Our firm roots trace back to 1865
  • Clients include automotive OEMs, large auto suppliers, medical technology companies, a major defense contractor, aerospace companies, global packaging companies, universities, consumer product and service companies, hospitals, and machine tool companies
  • Several of our attorneys have in-house corporate experience and/or patent examiner experience
  • Experts with electronics, mechanics, metallurgy, materials, chemicals, and manufacturing
  • Authors and educators in patent law

Responsiveness and cost-effectiveness

  • Stable workforce—professionals and staff members that have remained at the firm for decades
  • No billable hour requirement—allows us to focus on work quality and absorb spikes in work load without delay
  • Low overhead, and fiscally responsible

Quality work

  • Long tradition of servicing many of our clients for decades—preserving institutional knowledge
  • High ratio of partners to associates—permits us to spend significant time on training and has led to a high retention rate of associates with¬†years of¬†experience in client subject matter for more efficient and higher quality work
  • Our appeal record and allowance rate are exceptional