Our Culture and Values

It’s About You – Not Us

Unlike many firms with which you may be familiar, we base our success on your success. Because our focus is on you, expansion of our firm is not a priority. In fact, we have repeatedly declined offers to merge with general practice law firms and we have no grand scheme to expand for the sake of expansion. We prefer to focus on our clients’ needs, control costs, and selectively hire efficient and effective attorneys and support staff who love what they do.

Checks and Balances

Reising Ethington is led by a four-member management committee, elected annually by a board of all firm shareholders. The committee determines the general strategy of our firm and ensures that the firm is prepared to address all of our clients’ needs. The shareholder board meets monthly to review and vote on major issues raised by the management committee. In this way, we hold ourselves accountable to one another for keeping all clients’ interests firmly in view.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Different clients have different goals, needs, and expectations. We recognize that and we tailor our service to fit your needs. In fact, several of our attorneys have worked as in-house counsel in one capacity or another. Our “inside information” helps us deliver what you want.

Entrepreneurial Environment

Unlike many law firms with lock-step salary structures and bureaucratic hierarchies, here at Reising Ethington we cultivate an entrepreneurial environment.

  • Formula shareholders are compensated as a function of all work done to the complete satisfaction of their clients as well as the overall productivity and efficiency of the firm as a whole
  • Other shareholders and attorneys are compensated as a percentage of work done to the complete satisfaction of the client
  • A lead attorney is ultimately responsible for each client portfolio, so you will not get lost in the shuffle as a “firm” client
  • We have no fixed billable hour requirement, to avoid encouraging production at the expense of quality

In this way, our attorneys are self-motivated to produce quality work to your complete satisfaction.

Educators and Authors

An Important Part of the Legal Education Community For Over 100 Years.

  • Attorneys from our firm were among a handful of people in 1913 who founded the Michigan Patent Law Association: a group dedicated to continuing legal education and professional excellence
  • The firm also helped found the Detroit College of Law and the Michigan IP Law Association
  • Today, several attorneys in the firm author a West casebook, Cases and Materials on Patent Law, that is used in many ABA-accredited law schools across the United States
  • Also, several members of the firm teach or have taught intellectual property law classes at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, the University of Detroit, and the Detroit College of Law (now known as Michigan State University College of Law)
  • Our attorneys continue to provide the legal community with lectures, papers, and presentations covering current intellectual property law topics