April 2015

  • Dan Hegner was appointed the Attendance Chair for 2014-15 for Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA), an association of intellectual property attorneys, patent agents, and law students from across the state of Michigan who are interested in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property issues.
  • Dan Hegner and Keyuna Evans are on the planning committee for World IP Day in Detroit, an event promoted by the American Intellectual Property Law Association. The theme for this year's celebration is music & copyright.
  • The Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA) asked Colin Cicotte to participate in their law school outreach program at Wayne State University. Colin and two other IP attorneys discussed a variety of topics relating to IP law and also fielded questions from law students about careers involving IP.
  • David Simonelli was part of a four member panel consisting of another patent attorney and two supervisory patent examiners from the USPTO. The panel was a part of a conference hosted by American Conference Institute and presented on the topics of patent preparation and prosecution for medical devices. The two day conference focused on several subjects relating to intellectual property mechanisms to protect and promote medical devices. Reising attorneys Corey Beaubien, Jeff Doyle, and Matt Schmidt attended the conference.