January 2014

  • David Simonelli will be speaking at the American Conference Institute’s 4th Annual Medical Devices Conference in Chicago on March 24-26, 2014. Below is a link to the conference agenda. www.americanconference.com/content/download-content/pdf/marketing/898L14_E.pdf
  • While Reising client Cerephex® has been working through the final stages of obtaining FDA clearance to market their revolutionary NeuroPoint® product for the remediation of Fibromyalgia and other brain-related disorders, Reising Ethington continues to seek and successfully obtain intellectual property protection for Cerephex products and trade names. Recently, Reising attorney Eric Jones travelled with Cerephex® Chief Scientific Officer Jeff Hargrove to the United States Patent Office (USPTO) in Washington D.C. to meet with USPTO officials over a patent examiner’s refusal to allow claims broader than those of Cerephex’s currently issued patents, which cover the use of a specific type of electrical signal to diagnose and treat brain-related disorders. After lengthy negotiations, Jones and Hargrove were able to convince the USPTO to allow claims broad enough to cover the use of any electrical signal that has separate treatment and tissue penetration components. As a result, Cerephex’s third US patent issued on July 23, 2013 as US Patent 8,494,625. Once NeuroPoint is FDA approved, Cerephex® will work with physicians and caregivers worldwide to make the patented NeuroPoint® neuromodulation therapy available, and continue their mission to provide high quality clinical solutions for chronic pain. A final FDA clinical trial is scheduled to take place in early 2014 at multiple sites throughout the United States. For anyone interested in enrolling, please check www.cerephex.com/Patients.html for details as they become available.
  • Rick Hoffmann and Jim Stevens received Super Lawyer recognition from the Super Lawyers organization, a Thomson Reuters affiliate. Scott Hogan and Mike Druzinski received Super Lawyer's Rising Star recognition as being an up and coming lawyer.
  • In October, Corey Beaubien and David Simonelli presented a webinar to an audience of medical device industry executives. This webinar provided insight into the updates in patent law especially affecting those in the medical device industry. The webinar was well received.
  • Corey Beaubien, Jeff Doyle, Eric Jones and David Simonelli attended the AdvaMed 2013 Conference in Washington DC in an effort to facilitate better representation of their medical device clients.
  • Jim Stevens is teaching Patent Law this fall semester at the University of Detroit Mercy, his eighth year of teaching.