June 2014

  • George Grove and Mike Druzinski have successfully prepared and prosecuted patent applications on a technology related to aluminum and its use in automobiles. A recent Wall Street Journal article titled “GM Locks Up Aluminum Supplies for Future Trucks” illustrated the use of these technologies in various General Motors products.
  • Steven Permut was the speaker at a Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association luncheon this past April. He gave a presentation on practical trademark advice on preparing trademark responses to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. His presentation follows our firm’s long established reputation as being an important part of the legal education community.
  • Corey Beaubien and Scott Hogan gave a presentation at Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) about patent law to a classroom full of students, faculty and administrators. Beaubien and Hogan talked about what a patent is, its purpose, what it takes to be a patent attorney, the day-to-day work involved, and their own experiences that led them to a career in patent law. The presentation was well received, and they have since been invited back for another talk in the Fall of 2014. Beaubien and Hogan are both GMI alumni, graduating in 2002 and 1993, respectively.
  • David Simonelli was successful in an arbitration proceeding against a competitor of a client when the competitor inappropriately used the client’s trademark in its domain name. Simonelli showed the competitor was improperly siphoning traffic on the web away from the client’s website and to the competitor’s website. While no damage award is available when arbitrating, the arbitration process is quick and inexpensive when compared with the court system.
  • Shannon Murphy graduated first in her class at the University of Detroit Mercy College of Law. Previously, Murphy accepted an offer for an associate position at the firm to commence her successful passage of the state bar exam.
  • Reising Ethington is continuing its commitment to supporting continuing legal education. The firm is a Gold Sponsor of the State Bar of Michigan’s Institute of Continuing Legal Education Intellectual Property Law Summer Conference. The conference is held on Mackinac Island over a three day period in July, and attracts nationally recognized speakers and attendees.