March 2013

  • An article written by David Simonelli titled “Presumptions of Patent Scope” was published in the February issue of Intellectual Property Today™ magazine.  The article uses actual cases to show how important it is, when drafting a patent, to make sure the eventual scope of protection equals that which a patentee is entitled.  Otherwise, opportunities to secure assets (to be used to garner royalty payments, damages or injunctive relief) may be lost, resulting in a diminished number below the bottom line.
  • In the medical device industry, Reising attorneys have been working side-by-side with scientists at our client Cerephex as the client develops a revolutionary new medical device. Currently, Cerephex is starting their final round of clinical trials and is on-track for final FDA approval of this neuromodulation device for permanently reversing central pain issues like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and phantom pain. The device, known as “NeuroPoint,” sends signals noninvasively to regions of the brain that are involved in abnormal pain processing such as that associated with fibromyalgia. Please call Eric Jones at (248) 689-3500 to learn more about the firm’s work to secure the necessary IP protection for this new medical device.
  • Scott Hogan is an Eagle Mentor for the Michigan Crossroads Council of the Boy Scouts of America. In this role, Scott provides guidance related to educational and career interests, and provides an opportunity for our future leaders to get an early start on fostering relationships with professionals in the local business community.
  • Jim Stevens and Corey Beaubien recently returned from a visit to various clients and associate law firms in Europe where they worked on optimizing client-specific strategies for global coordination of patent filing and prosecution. During their meetings, Jim and Corey also presented updates on the new U.S. international harmonization efforts, including the move to a first inventor to file system which began March 16, 2013. For companies needing international protection of their innovations and trademarks, Reising can design a global strategy that maximizes the protection available from your IP budget.
  • Corey Beaubien attended the American Conference Institute’s Advanced Seminar on Medical Device Patents held on March 5-6 in Chicago. This seminar focused on prosecution and litigation strategies as they relate to medical device technologies. Particular topics included the America Invents Act and the effect of the Akamai and Mayo v. Prometheus cases. Among the presenters were judges, USPTO personnel, in-house counsel, and prosecutors and litigators.