November 2012

Bill Francis, Rick Hoffman, and Jim Stevens are recognized as "2012 Super Lawyers" and Steve Walmsley and Mike Adams are recognized as "2012 Rising Stars" by Thomson Reuters in their annual survey

Rick Hoffmann, Jim Stevens and Mike Druzinski are recognized as "2012 Top Lawyers" by dBusiness magazine.

Intellectual Property Today magazine published an article authored by Steve Walmsley and titled Patent Law Best Mode: Reports of Its Death Are Greatly Exaggerated. The article points out that the best mode requirement still can be used as a defense in litigation despite Congress's attempt to gut it with the new patent laws. Click here to view the article

Matt Schmidt and Corey Beaubien co-authored an article published in the Detroit Legal News titled Paying Inventors (to Play) in Foreign Countries. The article looks at employee-inventor compensation laws outside of the US in the countries of China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, and Brazil. Click here to view the article.

Both the Detroit Legal News and Intellectual Property Today published Eric Jones article titled The Obvious Advantage - Revisited. The article recommends a novel approach to overcoming obviousness rejections of patent claims. Click here to view the article.

Corey Beaubien is a member of the AIPLA's Industrial Design Committee. He is working with other committee members to write a resolution that will be presented to the AIPLA Board of Directors for approval concerning US design patent enforcement. In particular, the proposed resolution will introduce legislative and rule-making changes for enforcing design patents through the US Customs and Border Protection agency instead of the enforcement currently through the International Trade Commission.

David Simonelli attended Inno-Vention 2012, a conference hosted by the Medical Main Street organization. This organization is an alliance of world-class hospitals, medical professionals, universities, medical device companies and professionals working in specific fields (e.g. IP Law) that provide services necessary to advance innovations in the medical industry. Simonelli also attended the American Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Several Reising attorneys attended the Federal Circuit Bar Association conference at the University of Michigan Law School in September. Panelists included the Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, an administrative law judge from the International Trade Commission and several US District Court judges and magistrates.

In August, Dan Hegner completed an IRONMAN triathlon in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The competition traversed over 140 miles beginning with a 2.4 mile swim, followed by 112 miles of cycling, and finally a full marathon. Congratulations Dan!