The Reising Ethington Difference

From your innovations, we create competitive advantages for your business in a quality manner and on a timely and cost-effective basis. Whether you invent something new or create an attractive brand name or an artistic work, we seek to understand the business context for your innovations and apply our expertise to protect your intellectual property rights.

Reising Ethington: Creating Competitive Advantagesâ„ 

See below for our enablers for quality, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness.


Patent and Trademark Procurement Is Our Mainstay

Unlike many firms, we do not rely on patent and trademark prosecution as a low-tier loss leader relegated to junior staff and used to attract big-ticket litigation. To the contrary, patent and trademark preparation and prosecution is our lifeblood. And with our two-to-one partner to associate ratio, your work is frequently completed at the partner level and is always reviewed at the partner level. So you can rest assured that we love our work and that it gets close attention at a high level.


At Reising Ethington, all of our professionals are, or are studying to become, patent agents or patent attorneys registered with the USPTO. We also spend much time and resources regularly attending continuing legal education seminars and conferences and legal writing courses. In this way, your work will be personally attended to by people who are technologically and legally well qualified to do the job correctly.


We stay current with the most recent patent case law. In fact, we wrote the book on patent law.

Proper Portfolio Management

We have expertise in managing large portfolios of Fortune 500 companies, who have demanding in-house IP counsel. We have developed work standards including procedural and substantive checklists to ensure compliance with corporate policy and legal requirements.

Personal Interviews

As a rule, we conduct inventor interviews to flesh out as many patentable aspects as possible and ensure compliance with patent law requirements. Likewise, we interview patent office examiners, sometimes in person, to establish a professional rapport that tends to facilitate patent prosecution. We are making even more use of personal examiner interviews because of our proximity to the Detroit and Dallas patent offices.


We are proud of our successful record on appeal in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Ask us about it. Likewise, ask us about our rate of allowance of our patent applications. We are pleased about that too.


Proper Staffing

We have high retention of professionals and staff for a stable workforce. And we are proud of our support staff: from receptionist to information technologist, we seek out and hire the best people available. Likewise, we are very selective about our professionals: we seek entrepreneurial types who love to work hard and are self-starters.

We Can Absorb Spikes In Workload

We have no billable hour requirement. That way, we are not burned out when the time comes to ratchet up our output.

Economies of Scale

Unlike some firms who dole out work to the next available attorney, we categorically establish and assign work to subject matter experts to develop proficiency and efficiency with the work.


Low Overhead

We are located in regions with low costs of living compared to many of our national competitors. Yet, we have access to many well-trained and experienced engineers as candidates for our firm. Also, we enjoy modest office space at very favorable lease rates, and you will not find ostentatious appointments in our offices. We keep it simple so we can keep costs low and share savings with our clients.

Fiscal Responsibility

Unlike many firms, we do not have the luxury of clients with virtual carte blanche legal budgets. So we have learned how to stretch limited resources to protect as much intellectual property rights as possible.