We Counsel Clients, and Manage Portfolios and Projects Worldwide

Investigations and Opinions: Availability, Clearance, Validity, and Infringement

We help our clients navigate the complex world of patents and trademarks during product development – to avoid conflict and to prepare for it.  For example, we clear product designs before they are produced and trademarks before they are used in commerce, we conduct worldwide patent and trademark searches in-house and via third party search specialists, we opine on the validity and infringement of patents and trademarks, and we counsel clients on designing around competitor patents.


We have extensive experience negotiating, drafting, and completing license agreements based on patented technology, unpatented know-how, trademarks, and copyrights. We work closely with our clients to understand the value and scope of the intellectual property rights being transferred.

International Prosecution

We help our clients strategically and thoughtfully select countries in which to pursue intellectual property protection based on product marketplace, manufacturing facilities, competitor locations, global economics, and the like.  We maintain a large network of overseas intellectual property associates in every industrialized country.  We have worked with some of our associates for decades.  These well-established relationships provide our clients with trusted services throughout the world.  Our foreign associates understand the nuances and peculiarities of laws in their countries and can navigate them to secure the protection sought by our clients.

Portfolio Management

We manage large worldwide patent and trademark portfolios for several Fortune 500 corporations.  For example, we oversee all filing, prosecution, issuance, and maintenance of domestic and foreign patents and trademarks.  We maintain a database to track and report on the status of each case.  We routinely meet with client management to prioritize patent filing, assist with budget preparation, and determine business cases for maintaining patents and trademarks.  We also help clients identify opportunities where their portfolios can be expanded and opportunities to surround competitors’ key patents.