We Identify and Protect Many Types of Intellectual Property (IP)

Your intellectual property rights may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other creations of the mind that are legally protectable.

  • A patent has a 15 or 20 year term depending on the type, and protects the followiPatent_Pending_Stamp_ExtraSmallng types of innovations:
    • utility (functional inventions, 20 year term)
    • design (non-functional, ornamental inventions, 15 year term)
    • plants (20 year term)
  • A trademark has a potentially perpetual term, and can include:
    • a word (e.g., product name)Registered_Trademark_ExtraSmall
    • a phrase (e.g., slogan)
    • a symbol (e.g., logo)
    • a design (e.g., trade dress: colors, configurations, smells, and sounds)
    • any combination of the above
  • A copyright typically has a term of 70 years beyond the author’s life, and can include the following types of original works of authorship:
    • softwareCopyright symbol
    • literature
    • drama
    • music
    • art
    • certain other intellectual works, like semiconductor mask works
  • A trade secret has a potentially perpetual term and can include any type of technological or business information that is not generally known, is valuable, and is protected.Locked_Chest_cropped